Leisure Farm boasts a host of facilities and amenities to cater to every aspect of holistic living. Challenging rounds of golf, invigorating horse rides, swimming, tennis and vigorous gym workouts await, along with quiet reflection at a fishing pond and orchard as well as quality family time spent camping or just bird watching. Life is grand.


One Stop Centre (OSC) is dedicated to the needs of the community at Leisure Farm. Integrating digital methods, OSC exists to facilitate and accommodate residents, tenants, and investors with their requests and situations.
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As a pioneer of secure living in Johor, Leisure Farm continues to lead the market in security and risk management strategies:

• 24 hour patrolling security guards;
• Guardhouses and individual precincts equipped with License Plate Recognition and Bluetooth technology for vehicle access management;
• Digital Visitor Management System with panic button feature in case of emergency;
• External perimeter enhanced with electrical fencing and AI perimeter technology;
• Strategic CCTV locations and communication equipment;

The safety of all residents is a priority at Leisure Farm.


Spanning five hectares of idyllic parklands, this eco-themed enclave features gentle streams and clear lakes teeming with bird and fish life with recreational facilities that include a camping ground, boat dock, fishing pavilion, spice garden, bird island, a watch tower and jogging tracks.


Designed with a predominantly tropical influence, the Balé set within a tropical ambiance that exudes a harmonious blend of calm energy, the 20-acre Balé is home to an abundance of country club amenities that cater to every resident’s needs.

The resort-style ambiance is suitably paired with extensive leisure facilities such as beach lagoon family pool, 33 meter infinity pool, conference room, BBQ/pavilion, gym, tennis courts, basketball court, pickleball court, Balé Dog Park, functional gym room, children’s pool and playground, makes living life here a pleasure – any day, every way.


Housed within the club’s thatched structure, a restaurant and bar welcomes guests via a reflection pond with floating steps that lead to a grand dining hall. This family restaurant serves a selection of Western cuisine that is paired with a premium range of fine wine and spirits.


An excellent place for meditation or quiet reflection, the 20-acre orchard also provides the perfect venue for agro-based education and recreation. A Balinese inspired amphitheatre amidst gentle rice paddy terraces takes centre stage, while a fruit orchard, herb garden, vegetable farm and fishing area provide hours of enjoyment.


Established on June 1st, 2004, Amigos Horse Riding started as a small and welcoming stable with a mission to spread the love for horses. Mr. Mousouloo (Mos), the Owner and Trainer has been riding horses since he was a kid and wants to share his passion with everyone. At Amigos Horse Riding, we offer a safe, friendly, and budget-friendly environment for you and your family. Our goal is to make horse riding accessible to all. We believe that by introducing more people to these majestic creatures – horses, they’ll discover their beauty and elegance.