The Luxury Villas are Leisure Farm’s signature eco-chic lifestyle homes. Spread across five uniquely different zones named Victoria Meadows, Merbok Springs, Palm Grove and Bayou Grove, these villas nestle amidst lush green landscapes that are enhanced with meandering waterways and themed sculptures. Each Luxury Villa boasts a third to an acre of land.


Located in the Palm Grove Precinct, the luxury villas have stunning views of the surrounding lush verdant lands and are exquisitely designed to reflect modern tropical architecture. Public and private spaces are separate with the use of innovative water features, providing a perfect balance between natural and comptemporary living.

Land Area: 24,806 sq.ft. / 2,305 sq.m.
Built Up Area: 9,662 sq.ft. / 897sq.m.
4+1 Bedrooms +  4+1 Bathrooms + Private Swimming Pool


Located in the Merbok Springs and Victoria Meadows precinct, these luxuriously appointed residence are impeccably built to provide contemporary elegance while co-existing in perfect harmony with their natural surrounds. The generous one acre land space provides homeowners with the luxury of space to indulge in a variety of recreational pursuit like having their own tennis or basketball courts or simply host grand parties and get-togethers.

Land Area: 44,860 sq.ft. / 4,169 sq.m.
Built Up Area: 13,174 sq.ft. / 1,223sq.m.
4+1 Bedrooms + 4+1 Bathrooms + Private Swimming Pool